Need explanation on season milestone trophies

So as it is a fresh season, i think it will be easy to know that there is something strange on my season milestone.

So, how actually the season milestone read the solo thropies? In my current league I have more than 100k solo trophies already, but in the season milestone, it said that I haven’t reach 90k yet. Is it counted as half?

Yes arenas dont count in there

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Oh damn that is bad. I think it will added to the season trophies sum

yes thery seem to add in many different ways in there toplists…
Have to be so strange coded

In a a couple of seasons, none of my tournament solo trophy rewards counted, contacted support and they said that’s how it’s supposed to be. For the last 3 or 4 seasons they have counted. Definitely weird coding.

Here is a link to another thread asking this question with a link to the answer given in an earlier thread about this topic.

Basically, the milestones screen is broke. Example below:

Milestones screen shows I have hardly any trophies.

However, leagues screen and profile show I have over 100,000 and I just got the 1,600 token milestone in my inbox indicating these are both correct:

does need to be fixed Screenshot_2019-09-08-15-20-46 Screenshot_2019-09-08-15-20-54 Screenshot_2019-09-08-15-21-00

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