Need crw results

I’m looking for crw results for these groups:

Working with an incredibly dedicated team led by Jo Kharon to generate unofficial results. Let me know if you warred in one of those regions and can provide screenshots.



There was no in game pop up with results. We all just picked up our rewards.

Factions/Wars/War Leaderboard should still display results, as long as you scored points in the war.

I was in wave 2 & 3. I was in group 1. Do you need these results?

For waves 2/3, I need the regions that are in the pictures above. We have all the other Wave 2 and Wave 3 regions. The groups that were published by Scopely are different from the actual groups, so I don’t know which regions are in your CRW with group 1.

For wave 1, I may or may not need them, depends on which region.

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