Need competitive pricing from other parts of the world

So I’m liking this game and contemplating on making ingame purchases. What’s stopping me is the terribly non-competitve pricing you have for other, let’s say, less-rich country than the US or western europe countries.

As my handle suggests, I’m from the philippines. And I did some search for comparative pricing and found out that your US pricing is EXACTLY the same as your PH pricing. Just basically converted for whatever currently is the conversion. i.e. 2300 coins offer is priced at php1438 in PH and 29.99 in US. Same pricing just converted to about 49php per dollar which is around the current conversion.

You do know that $10 in the US buys you 2 starbucks coffee while 10 in the PH buys you 10 starbucks coffee right? Or don't you? From the looks of it, probably not. Steam recognizes such economics. That's why their games are priced lower in regions such as South east asia. For example, Playerunknown battleground sells 30 in steam in the US while in PH and indonesia it sells for $14.60, less than half its US price.

Anyway, this is coming from someone in PH wanting to buy ingame but the highly out of touch pricing ingame makes it very hard for me to do so. $1 in US <> $1 in PH. I can’t imagine anyone from these parts of the world buying anything ingame. My suggestion, if you want to earn from these regions, you need to revise your pricing to be more competitive/more in touch.

Welcome to mobile gaming.

If scopely made their prices 10 times cheaper in the Phillipines, i’d turn on my VPN and make all my purchases from that country. Can’t have that


Or do have that, and let me and other users who are aware of doing this make use of it. Lol

If that’s all it takes to fake it, why steam doesn’t have that kind of problem/exploit about their pricing? I think they can easily detect VPNs/proxy servers.

The main issue isn’t VPN it’s paying for goods in another currency. Everything has to from that country in order to purchase legitimately through google or apple including your credit card.

Otherwise we would all do it, as it’s technically a legitimate means and you get alot more for your money.

Steam has region locked games. So you can buy a russian version of a game much cheaper, but you have to have your vpn on whenever you want to play it. Some people do it, some dont. Steam makes billions, this game doesn’t

Bit coin :money_mouth_face::grin:


Steam region locks stuff. If you buy it and change locations after you won’t be able to play.

Also, it’s bannable to use VPN in steam. Apart from the VPN not being cheap as well. Cost at minimum $30/mo here. Scopely could implement the same. It’s such a hassle and the risk of getting banned makes it not worth whatever you may save. If it costs you your account, you didn’t save anything at all. lol. Anyway, it’s just a suggestion for scopely if it’s doable. I think they will earn from places where currently they don’t earn.

30$ for a VPN is nothing compared to the thousands some players spend per month.

Scopely can barely detect hackers, they’d never be able to identify this… they would not ban spenders either, as people spending is the only reason they still have the game up

There are lots of free VPNS. It’s a mobile game and some people who play are actually mobile (travel a lot). Region locking a mobile game probably isn’t a great idea. The whole region-locked thing causes a lot of support headaches for steam and it’s users since even there people legitimately change regions.

Personally, I can only imagine the hassle of doing this. Imagine switching VPN whenever I need to check if my world energy is full then turn it off again for my regular activities then turn it on again to check again. Such hassle I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna be worth whatever I’m going to save.

But like I said, just a suggestion for scopely if it’s doable. If it is, it will make them more profit. If not, I guess the game is only for certain regions of the world. ie where $1 is worth $1.

In the situation described above you would only need to turn on the VPN when you want to buy something. As someone who uses multiple VPNS on my phone every day, you literally click a button to toggle it on/off.

Also I feel like it should be pointed out that even in US currency the price of everything is considered high. $100 for a 5* character. They should worry less about having competitive pricing in a specific region and just reduce prices overall.

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We assume in this scenario that VPN usage would be illegal. Hence, if you only turn on the VPN during buying, you assume at your account’s risk that scopely will be too incompetent to detect your VPN usage. In this scenario, I personally wouldn’t risk it and would use VPN whenever I play the game. Literally having to remember to click a toggle button whenever I check the game would still be such a hassle.

If you think $100 is high for a 5*, x5-x10 that to our region where $1 has more value here. It’s why ex-pats want to live here. They get more value per dollar :slight_smile:

Mobile gaming is called that because players are using mobile phones, not necessarily because they are moving from country to country at a higher percentage than PC gamers. That would not be true.

Im all for lowering the prices though, but it should happen everywhere lol.

You know this company has been raised before? My understanding is that Scopley set the price is USD and then Google baseline that accross the world.

So you’re complaining on the wrong forum…

Pretty sure it’s not just google/apple.
Conversion to AUD has been 3:2 since the game started ($10US -> $15AU) despite the exchange rate being both volatile and well above that (from an AU perspective) the whole time.
As a special extra benefit, if you want to buy a 10% off pass renewal you get to pay $14 instead of $15! So apparently discounts aren’t subject to exchange rates.