Scopely, you should listen to your players, not on numbers like (cans used etc or whatever you think is best)
We’ve had two polls on the forum so far and both times AOW won!
I don’t mind CRW much, but we should have a variety of events! Not copy and paste!

Open every day from 9:00 - 17:00, even on weekends.


I agree. At least alternate it and have some mid week blitz on non-war weeks. Come on Scope


Crw 1 time per month is enough =\


Ikr now 5 crw’s in a row?

CRW = more dollars
AOW = no profit


Sad truth is it’s all about cans and coins used but we need at least one non crw war event a month

Whether it’s a normal war or a blitz either would be good but it’s key to getting some community in regions to fight eachother get to know the other factions and size eachother up

Community in most regions was killed by migration normal wars are key to getting that feeling of community back getting to know the other factions you share a region with.

People are the main reason most ppl play and the game will die unless that sense of community and identity within regions can be restored.


If you are lucky and play in a region that doesn’t have many cheaters, then aow is good for you. But for the others its the same. Aow = 2nd place, Crw = 10th+ place…about same rewards.


CRW is great!! Learn to evolve with the progression of the game


didn’t realize they change it back to CRW, last I saw it was AOW.

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Yes CRW vs Sparta means $$$ :wink:

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Hell yeah

Nope, it’s CRW.

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lmfao…we dont coin in war :rofl:

CRW just means i get 100k and take the rest of the weekend off

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In our dreams.

Scopely income > Everything

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Yeah, pretty much

Edit : btw, did it became a trend to quote stuffs?

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Wow, this really feels great! (and I never quoted my own stuff before)

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