Need an active faction

I am a level 31. Been playing since October. Really like this game but a good faction is essential to make this game competitive and exciting. So let me know if you need a dedicated player that is constantly learning.

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Most people and esp here are looking for whales, “hardcore spenders” and not willing to help anyone out who cant buy them a win for an extra lilth in level up events


What time zone?

Me? Lol im a night shift player even tho im pst time but i think you meant to ask op lol

Lol. Indeed

That’s not gonna be me unfortunately. But I do play the game aggressively.

I’m in mountain US zone.

What times are u usually on for war in your local time zone?

I play through out the day. I’m in mountain and work full time so I put in 3 to 4 hours…I spend a couple bucks here and there but I like to earn my levels not buy them.

For being a noob my main team is S4++. Plus numerous s1++ teams which I think is pretty good for the amount of time since I started.

Wow thats pretty quick. When my former faction arrived in my current region, it took months to build a decent team. Congratulations, and I hope you find a faction that suits your needs. Just watch out for the ridiculous offers with low rates to get the good stuff unless you spend money on the house. :blush: