Need advice regarding bruce or sandy

This is my main team and wondering which one will help my team more

On one hand Decap Sandy has a very good weapon with 200% atk , i like alert toons and she would be great against melee teams.( i also have tara 6* T2 )
However could get stunned while rushing or trigger AD vs yellows.i dislike her painsplit

Bruce: i have no melee attack team, so most likely will just replace lori on that team if i got him. The pros are he is the only disarm available as ftp , will help my toons fill their AR , good ap drain active and 58ap rush so will rush 3rd turn with just the huge ap bonus ap. Cons : i have no melee atk team, no melee decap so he will be squishy behind mirabelle lead, he will lack offensive power because he doesnt benefit from a lead .

What do you guys thing? Any other points to take into consideration?

I run Bruce behind Abe - i.e. no HP or Defence bonuses and he isn’t too squishy.

But then I wouldn’t run him against a ranged team which might have heavy hitting reds which will pulverise him. Running a Strong toon in an all Alert team means Alert enemies will naturally (due to the AI’s preference for trait advantage targets) hit him, compounding the effect.

The other consideration is that you don’t have a melee team now, but you might only be a couple of lucky pulls from changing that. And you already have decap, no real need for two in the same team if you are clever in how you attack

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If you continually choose ranged toons because you don’t have melee, you perpetuate the lack of depth in your roster. I, myself, fall into this trap quite often (finally got my 5th yellow 6*, I neglected fast toons for months because I missed yellow Rick and would tell myself I “don’t have a leader to run them behind anyway”)


Sandy shes awesome especially with a Jeremiah debuff.

For me I use negan a new threat lead with 40 attack and 40 defence and He can last quite a while so I agree with the right lead and mod set up he isn’t that squishy also my team can be the I’d Erika team now and again even though there all greens

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I chose Bruce over Sandy for only one reason. While decap is very good it will always be just decap. Disarm will help against any new weapons Scopely can dream up. You should also eventually build a melee team if you plan on beating Lydia style time out teams.

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Bruce. If you don’t have a melee attack then you need to start at some point & his disarm will serve you well

Can you explain how she is horrible please?

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She was good when she first came out as she was the first ranged leader. Now with the evolution of 6* toons, she is fodder

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Yeah, I haven’t ascended Negan but could run him or melee Mirabelle.

However, I like the extra +Crit from Abe - makes Bruce disarm almost all the time, means my whole green team does great damage and doesn’t really matter because it’s up against weak (from an attacking sense) timeout teams.

Edit: removed reference to @KungLao’s comment because I was confused at which “horrible” Mirabelle he was criticising us non-Alice owning plebeians for using.

Didn’t think of that I don’t have abe.
What I did was give him a 30% crit weapon and 45% crit mod

I beat alot of op teams with mirabelle as lead. Just gotta know how to use her

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Disarm will always be useful.
Sandy would be perfect for you too, but because you dont have a disarm bruce should get priority.

That a year old legacy ascendable is worse than a recent premier? No you aren’t

But Mirabelle is not horrible and still a viable ranged lead.

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Sandy would be my bet. Probably wont be heavy shield teams but you might have some high power damage to be decent teams