Need advice on raids. how Do you know which one you challenge?

How do you know which ones you can beat in raids? Most time I’m above 1500 but keep getting beat by 1100 rep players and it ticking me off. Oh and the matching sucks you go through ton of food trying to find fair fight

Just fight against the lead defense that you can beat based in your atk.
If you run a blue/tough team fight against Donny/Erika teams
If you run a red/alert team fight against Dante and every green/strong based teams.
Depending on your roster you should try to create 2 or maybe 3 different atks to face different enemies

Check the team grade you’re going up against by hitting the “info” icon on your opponent.

  • Their team grade will show up there and give you an idea of how close it is to yours.
  • know the lead skills to get an idea of what other traits might be in their team. The guy in my picture is an S11 team behind Carl. They have to have an S class, all the yellows and greens are going to have a ton of hp/def from Carl’s lead skill, but they’re not getting an AP boost.
  • Know the names and factions you hit often. Often higher factions have a good team builder who designs all their defenses and they friendly duel a lot. This means all their defenses are probably tougher than lower factions.
  • Use friendly duels to practice raiding outside of tourneys. If you’re not in a faction that uses friendly duels, get in one that does. If you’re attached to your faction and not ready to leave, watch the calendar for solo events and hop into other factions for help and practice. Just ask on global who can take a look at your teams and you’ll probably find someone willing to help.
  • Get in some Line chats and ask for team help.

Memorise them as I know there is an impossible sandy lead team so I always skip it

^ To some extent, this. I get roughly the same 20 or so opponents presented to me, time after time. I know who I can beat and who I can’t. So I skip some and attack the others at every possible opportunity.


^ ^


You will see repeats, you will know who you can beat and just keep hitting them

Or you can just attack the 6 you get, winning or losing means nothing, what is the reward then? It’s seeing the people who say in global that that have dropped defence lie, while complaining that no one has dropped theirs.

I’ve seen teams drop from S11 to S10++ so that counts right? LoL

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Personally I never refresh.I always try to beat the one I just cant beat.Its pretty good practice and you will learn more about your team then you knew before.

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