Need advice on helping our younger factions

Hello everyone. Big Jim here, with a question. Ive decided to start a leader only group, of our too ten factions in york. The hope here is to help our younger factions grow faster. The problem? No clue on where to start. I know some regions have done this and im hoping for some feedback from them. If anyone could help me with this, who has experience, it would be greatly appreciated. Respond here please, and ill drop u my line id so we can talk further. Thanks, and kill em all murderers.


You could lower defences in war too help them get stronger toons so they can compete at higher levels


Team building help can work wonders

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In my old region I used to take weaker players in to build them up a little. They loved it!!


And we were a top faction :slight_smile:

There is nothing you can do to help build up newer players they have to want it for themselves. Dropping defenses and other tactics dont help they just hand them easier rewards without learning anything. The only way they improve is working at it and grinding it out each day. The toons that are given away cant keep up with the ones that are bought now.


Nothing to do with the topic but your name reminded me of this song.
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This only works in AOW. The othe 15 Regions won’t care.

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A lot has to do with teaching players how to play tbh. Understanding how to upgrade and when to upgrade. How to utilize the toons they have - team building. How to maximize level up points. Shared crit territories / what weapons to craft and why. In my opinion closing the gap knowledge wise can help with growing the region, but not much can close the gap between free To Play and pay to play players. Feel free to line me if you’d like to chat and get some ideas - “linkesus.” Copy and paste in brackets.


As @Link said that’s main way to get people to grow… that or spend…

We have a region leader chat an works to extent. Set up to discuss region agreements like sharing weapon territory’s, dropping def for raids an highlighting issues with rogue players… it’s worked an rule is try keep it civil an spam free. Business only.

New players have so much catching up to do its ridiculous… an if want to help lower players you have to be able to encourage activity

I’m just impressed there are ten viable factions in the region.


-team build chat to help or helpful pm about their teams
-inviting 1 or 2 noob player in to get better rewards and also to show them how an organized team plays
-helping them to get milestones, by lowering
-sending 1 or 2 stronger players to help a faction for a week
-positive conversations and being open to chat; negative shit and the whole talking down thing doesnt help

This is a great thing to do!
My og region created a faction led by strong players to teach noobs and middle tier players how to play.
I learned the game from them

Sleezy and Farmer Jesse - thanks you assholes! :blue_heart::blue_heart:

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@BigJim1 I have and continue to do that for a couple of years now if you want some help let me know I’m happy to help you.

Big_jim, I used to play in York, went by Ashur there. Retired now, but I’ll add my voice to Link and JD, literally the best thing for keen newer players is sharing of experience, team builds, mods, weapon crafting etc. I always tried to do that if I saw a game question in Global. Another thing would be, if they are part of it, asking people with OP defences to put up good FTP defences during solo raids or events where collectibles drop in raids. Doesn’t artificially stifle the learning process overly, but does mean less OP bots and better milestone chances and the current state of the game means you are thrown in with the big fish much earlier than the days when you slowly worked your way from 3* to 4* to 5*.

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Works in raids aswell

only for p2w

Even though I am retired, I still have Line and would be happy to join any team build/weapon build/modding chat. I hope pretty much anyone in Khaos Knights will vouch for me!

Id love that. Hit me on line. Bigjim101

Hit me on line. BigJim101. Ill look for u.

Send them body accounts and minis so they can have a taste of war and how the game is meant to played. Encourage them to merge together. Also responding to noobs in gc not only your fellow rep lovers.