Need advice for survival road

Hi, i know there’s been several threads on survival road so apologies for posting another. I don’t normally ask for help as I enjoy the challenge of SR and figuring out new teams but I’m ashamed to admit I’m completely stuck here . See screenshots.

So it’s red only vs what seems to be every special zombie there is. Taunts being the worst, most crit resistant. By the 3rd turn my whole team is taunted, before I can even use an ar. Normally I use camouflage but I don’t believe there is a red camo to all toon unless I’ve overlooked them. Only thing else I can think to try is Tara lead in the hopes I can get a couple of ars off before I get swamped but doubt even christa will be strong enough to take out a taunt 1 hit. Any advice? Thanks

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Not the answer you are looking for but it’s the truth all the same. SR is garbage and so are Lee and Mags. Ruined by the need for overpriced stupid “special” gear after being delayed for so long.



Use maim toons like mia

Yeah, maim might work if I could get an ar off. Don’t want to add taunt resist mods just for sr. Tara worked sort of, got past the first wave but then not enough crit to deal with the flaming and explosive zombies.

I walked it right through with 4 mia and pete

I’ve only got 3 mia. Guess I need another.

Do u have a red focus toon

That’s a good Idea, got dale and a couple of others. I’ll try that next time. Thanks.

Welcome sir