Need about 5 strong active players


We recently transferred to Morgan (en)

Very busy server with lots of fresh transfers and a good, fun power struggle. Looking for maybe a group or individuals to come join us in the fight. We were a top faction in our old server but lost some good people with transfers opening.

Region was younger so many players rep in faction are not high but they can fight basically anyone. We currently sit 70k rep from top ten with 20/30. I am expecting more transfers from my old server yet so only have spots for 5 or 6.

Would you like to know more??


Just so you know your not dealing with a lightweight. Personal message me


Does nuke accounts count?


Dont everybody reply at once now. Cant keep up with them all


Nice rep


Sorry, im more like an alert player hehe


and to think, I was gonna say I was more Fast.


31k wins and 300 losses holy fk lol that has to be the best win/loss record I ever seen


Bump 7 characters





Bring your faction to a different region… Pm me. :grimacing:


Getting raided doesnt count as a loss so ghosting should have no effect on win/loss. Although yes I am a spooky ghost. As all high rep players are. Give me a fair rep system of gains and losses and I will happily unghost but for now no way


I would consider but sadly we moved there not two days ago all with free keys. Not even on the table too consider moving again just yet. We like Morgan so far


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