Need a steady supply of armory tokens

We need a way to get large amounts of armoury tokens on the regular because this war was completely full of 5* weapons not sure how so many people have all of these people have a full team with all five star weapons with 5* upgrades but they do. We need a 100% free way of obtaining them


You got 250k in the pricey snowman stash

Or at least bring back the 5* part weapon roadmap @GR.Scopely


Being saying this for weeks. The gap is now coming from the armory. Complete rng nonsense that is affecting the game monumentally. Glad others are starting to notice.

Your first armory was just wood. Why introduce a new currency now? It’s bad enough we have to wait for parts but not we can’t even research waiting for parts.


Yeah these armory prices are bs
I spent over 200k trying to get amp4/rampage on Priya
Trying, and failing…


Had so many fails it’s beyond a joke now

Again outdated stuff…they should make armory tokens come from breaking down weapons…that would just be top logical for them tho.


And 5* parts, which SC members don’t need, should be sold for tokens, not useless wood


Also agreed.

Don’t you think sc members already have enough of an advantage? 1 free…err extra* 4* daily and… well that’s about it…

Who still runs the 4* parts roadmap not me

I have a few tokens but no crit parts so it’s all pointless atm

Lucky you, I’m still on the new double attack :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

@GR.Scopely any way you can help us with that? new content in, but no way to use it.

Anybody wanna bet there will be a premier weapons cache later this week?

I’m tying to add it to a regular double atk
The new one is also at a 100% fail rate

Lmao. Same. I gave up and ascended the regular double attack. What a waste of four weeks so far.

Fine by me, idc to buy them. But there is zero way to get them at the moment

Imo they have milked us for enough money the least that they can do is give everyone a chance at getting good weapons not just the whales because have a slight edge on people is one thing but these weapons are outrageous

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