Need a region and a faction

I’ve been an extremely active, competitive and consistently well scoring player (usually I hit all the milestones) but haven’t found a decent faction yet. My team grades are s16+. I’m also in nightshift time zone and currently in Putnam (EN) region. Love wars the most.

Think the region I’m in cares about players they have been with rather than how they perform, so some of these good factions are full and others are somewhat inactive and carefree.

Please PM me in here or would appreciate if yall let me know in this thread, if there are any good active regions where I can move to. Thanks heaps in advance… and hope you and your loved ones are safe and having a nice relaxing week. :raised_hands:

If you’re interested we are virus in 1b region top 15 to 10 crw very strong crew need a few night crew let me know Rank 2 faction line me breathoffire2020

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Thanks bud, I messaged you in Line.

Found a new region and faction. Please close this thread if needed. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Good luck Sir. Hope you and loved ones stay well also.

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Thank you sir, you too :raised_hands::sparkles:

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