Need A Price Cut In Aisle 5


Haha. What I love is every game forum you all complain about same stuff. No balance to much p2w company screwed us over etc. I agree Andrea gate got me good almost quit but got my money I back so I am kosher on it. Until you learn this game is a business and once you burn out stop spending they shut this game down open another. Oh wait Star Trek is Here Now. That’s the big picture every game is the same I think what you people say on The forum keep Surviving. God it’s way easier to get you guys wound up then the other game forums.


You have no idea what you’re talking about. Kindly gtfo.


So you come to complain to the complainers on every game forum you been in. Sounds like trolling is a full time job for you.


16 week old infant. Hasn’t even fully developed yet. But here we have the Real OG.


I just think it’s funny your little voice and non stop whines over the how many years you wasted playing This game. Looks like you making a difference keep on whining maybe Scopley Will balance stop p2w and give you decAp and a shield f2p. Yeah maybe do another poll post or 10 more poll post.


Not some real og just trying show you a reality outside pixels. This company cares two craps you spent thousand or wasted years grinding. They care about milkin it till it comes unprofitably then moving onto something more profitable


So with the lovely time we have left together can we have more fun up beat post instead of just thousand post I have to shuffle through to find info to help me become a better player so some day I can grow up and be a real og like you since that I guess is a status symbol here


Obvious troll is obvious


The reality is you dont know crap. You should look in the mirror before you try to lead anyone in real life outside of these pixel. May discover what others have been telling you about your 4 month baby account old self.


hit a nerve little guy it’s okay. Just make a few polls if you want I can send you a participation medal for you always thinking your older then 4 month account had any weight at all in life.


Four months! LMFAO @ ROFL
Try almost 4 years, i was here before leagues, CRW, Territories, 6*'s and was here when 5*'s were the bomb and S2++ was the king of the rank. Until you have been here that long don’t act like you know what we know. NEXT!!!


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