Need A Price Cut In Aisle 5


Ok so they didn’t use the word promised specifically but it’s there in black and white that they would be increasing the special gear roamdaps after ascension took a hold.

You can be happy with the direction of the game in the same way I can be unhappy.

Personally the gear lock has me wanting to spend less but each to their own.


My head is now bleeding SMMFH!!


They have given us more gear maps so it’s not a lie they never said epic or legendary though sure it would be nice but we deal with what we got and it’s always better to ask for a little than a lot the tokens work well or what else we fighting for


That literally is a promise. Doesnt say the word, but it shouldn’t have to. They stated it. There was no maybe.


But then how are they going to sell their awesomely priced gear bundles?


I get epic gear every day from road maps. Just got a tripod today yesterday got a gauntlet and practice dummy. Then from Crw I got 2 canteens and 2 gps. 2 hockey 2 bandoliers 2 whetstones. None paid for all got farming the special road maps. I guess I agree how they handled Andrea was ridiculous. However this letter has no promise of legendary gear yet in 4 months playing I have 6 t4 and able two make 2 more soon. I have only boughten 7 day offer 4.99 pak that had a canteen in it and the 19.99 7 day offer that had 1 gps and 1 canteen. Other then that haven’t spent on gear. I do have 10 6s at t3 but this is a game you expect to just instantly be able to max out all ur characters do you play any other Mobile games. I play two other similar games Star Wars and marvel. To get them to the last tier takes forever Of farming. Heck 3 months in marvel only have 1 max tier character. End of the day all mobile game care about keeping doors open. All of you just take a very vague excerpt and turn it into a promise they have broken. They didn’t promise anything. Please if you hate the game this much go play another I am sure then you be on those forums complaining as well.


Hey guys remember when dash said that the monthly pass would change characters and be cool and exciting?!


You weren’t here during the release fiasco. Much of what was said died with the old forum. You dont know what you are talking about.


Yea seriously… four months is nothing. Puhlease. There’s so much history here to go into detail. T4ing one toon a month is ridiculous. Especially for spenders like me who have stopped pulling premiers because I can’t level them. Their loss.


Compared to other games that I currently play this is bye far the most easiest to lvl vs amount spent. I guess you been stuck in a cave called twd for years. I am fresh to the game been outside that game player war order mobile strike Star Wars. Marvel hero’s. Evony. All games that are way worse p2w then this game. Maybe spread ur wings try a different game give this one a break. It sounds like all you do is complain for years nothing changed so why do you put yourself in this misery you think your in


So just because the game is tolerable for you means the company that runs it should keep up the good work.


Games are just that games if you don’t like a game or it’s quote “tolerable” then why play it? Go try some other games. Maybe find your zen. No matter how much you complain and gripe this company going to focus on profit first just like all other mobile games maybe switch to PS4 or Xbox games


Releasing a basic statement is not a promise. If thats how you live your life then you must be dissappointed alot because everything is a promise.
They said it would be available during the shiva force event. It was.
It says gear will be more avaliable, Free stashes, milestones, Faction Assault store, League store, past gear events, milestones, rank rewards.
I dont understand where all your “promises” are

No its not :joy::rofl::joy: can you even read the black and white print?


Haha cute all the things they say.

Read through that first message when 6 stars were on the way.

No easy road to ascendance. Hmmmm? Funny ive pulled a few 6 stars from wheels that went out the window almost as fast as they went live.

Its all lies its all they do is lie.

And to this 4 month clown. Get the fuck out cutesy my latest region has been open as long as you have been playing lol

For the last 2 of those months ive had the same exact defense (no im not going to switch to something not as good just so i can switch it whichever tard wants to go that route).

I imagine most people are lucky to ascend 1 new hero a month cause i pay and get extra shit here an there and ive prob done 2 a month at best.

Between the amount of 6 stars there already is and how many will keep coming cause they just cant help themselves this is nonsense.

Who wants to spend months not really moving or getting anywhere? Its already way too much of an insane time requiring grind fest to leave people hanging in limbo for these lengths of time with no change or expansion of the teams we can create.

Hell even with the toons i currently already have and ascended i could get to making up some fun tricky teams but instead i just watch dust pile up cause they are all endlessly stuck at t2 an some t3 at best.

Last time i got to t4 someone was the first run of Joshua on level ups. Thats gotta be about a month give or take…

Its a damn yawnfest. We already have boring ass time out meta right now why shouldnt we at least be able to open this up with our roster to offset this shitshow…?


“Plus there will be plenty of upgrade gear to be found during the Shiva Force Event”. There was never an actual roadmap for 6 star gear during that event. There was ways to get it from the museum, not roadmaps. “We’ll be greatly increasing the availability of our Special Gear Roadmaps”, that never happened, like I said before, they don’t have to use the word promise, they literally wrote everything in that paragraph.


ARE YOU JOKING!?!?! They ran month long roadmaps for 6 star parts?

Special Gear is the changes that occured to the Ultra Rare gear maps when they released the new versions :man_facepalming: it doesnt say Legendary Gear Maps. Do you even play this game?


PICS OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN! I have proof you dont… i never once saw the word “promise” on this forum


Special Gear was not Ultra Rare Gear. Ultra Rare Gear was known as Ultra Rare Gear. I never saw a 6 star gear roadmap being run during that event. Obviously I play the game or I would not be here.


1# you are preaching to the wrong crowd. People have played and invested WAYYY more then your 4 month account has done and I ain’t just talking about money.

2# complaining about complaining is complaining with the complaining. Pretending to be outside of that is just delusional and you should try to grow empathy or just plain save yourself from being ignorant and hush.

3# do you really think people do not already play other games already? Doesn’t change the fact that people even your self should not stop holding the game developers responsible for a better game or just really stop with the broken promises and cover ups when the shit hits the fan.

4# I bid you good day.


Four months?


Four months…