Need A Price Cut In Aisle 5


I need you to reduce the cost of the items in the League Store ASAP!

Once you’ve accumulated enough tokens to purchase a canteen or a GPS, you’re pretty much screwed on the rest of the gear you’ll be needing SMMFH!

Get It Done Before Christmas

Seasons Greetings To You & Yours!


I sincerely missed that. :hugs:


Don’t need a price cut need more milestones like this level up to supplement the weekly


Or just a price cut? SMMFH!


Or a price cut AND more milestones


If they gave more milestones for trophies or even if you get them from raiding we would not have problems with gear


We wouldn’t need milestones, If they had released the legendary gear road maps when requested too.



Not just requested but also promised

We all know the value of a scopley promise though


Can you show us this promise? I havent seen a screenshot of them telling us that they “promise” anything.


Sure, it was in the original ascendance announcement with various other things that have yet to materlise


@Scroopy thats not even a working link… pics or it didnt happen…


lmao thats the link from the original ascendance announcement I had favourited, I can imagine its been nekroed for some of those “promises” it mentioned that haven’t been actioned

Believe me, don’t believe me - that’s your prerogative.

Many of us however do remember these promises


@Imwinning I also remember this being very much promised by Dash in the initial announcement, much like Albert and his promise of a “player first attitude” after s_pending strike 1

Speaking of which does anybody have a copy of the orginal letter from Albert? I’d like to revisit that for my own amusement


Albert probably never existed.
They likely used some bogus name to create it, so any anger will be directed at the nonexistent guy when the letter inevitably turned out to be bullshit.


They feed us with so much bs and handle so very little that would improve the player experience, somedays i feel is stockholm syndrome that keeps me playing


If I’m honest, I hardly care much about the game anymore.
I’ve been playing SWGOH much more.


I stay for my friends but even that is becoming harder and harder.

Op premier after Op premier with no sign of balancing anywhere

Complete inaction on cheats and hackers - only people I’ve ever seen banned bought gold and threads are closed instantly

Lack of communication and respect for the playerbase

Disregard for previous promises

Inability to go a week without a major “gate”

Yep, its been a lot of fun recently :confused:


SMMFH! is certain


I don’t have friends in the game, so the only thing really keeping me is the slight shit i still give lol


@Skiff @Scroopy you both sound like children. “but dad promised”. They gave us road maps when 6 stars first came out. I doubt a company used the word “promise” in a post. oh wait… they didnt