Need a new top 5 faction in Lancaster

I was in Usual suspects and got ■■■■■■■ booted. I could never hit the 1.2mil or 3mil milestone. Shit was hard. Even the non spenders in the faction hit it but not me. 1.8K raid mins, 3mil mins. I need a good faction for lancaster. Im lvl 78. Dropped had kicked me like I was nothing. He literally kicked out and said join vile terror when that shit was full. On god that was cold dropped. Im probably gon make a diss track (90% I might do this) I been thinking about Total chaos, Nexus Vendetta, And other good top 5 factions in lancaster. I need good mins that I can actual hit. I mainly didn’t do shit cause the game is getting boring. But I will carry my own weight. I do wish the rest of US well. I wish the rest of Usual suspects well. (Rip to all my past factions, Clockwork angels, black plague, and ET) ET had died out from drama (AND AOD. Angels of death) You should know my name in lancaster. I got dante as a pfp and my start with dip.

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Why not reach out in GC or your Region Chat? Or DM the leaders of the other factions to see what minimums they have and if you would be a fit?

Us was a stay for a month good rewards tho. I ain’t lazy I do shit.

Then message the other factions and see who is looking. Seems like you are just looking to vent here.

You said you didn’t so shit cause the game is boring and now and now say you ain’t lazy you do shit.

No lancaster top fac leader comes here for recruitment, go to GC. I may be the only regular Lancaster player on forums. Forums is helpful if your looking for active facs beyond your region and looking for transfer.

I barely see lancasters on here.

I hit the srv road min. Hit elite if it’s 2 day and if it’s 1 day hit gold.

Don’t tell me. I’m not in Lancaster. Hit up your region line chat or GC or DM another faction

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