Need a new region


I’m looking for a new region . My time in my region has come to an end . I’m rank 6 active ( fairly ) looking to join any faction in an active or chill region . Feel free to message me on kik / line for more info and roster etc . Message here and I’ll send contact info . Thanks


So I can’t message you, but we just transferred to a new region and lost some people. We’re looking for a few new people if you’d like to message me, I’ll give you info


Whisperers in Harris are looking for a couple of players. Harris has recently become very competitive with several factions joining since mergers. We are a faction of mostly adults, mixed F2p and spenders. Drama free


OP is looking to transfer out of Harris


Lol, didn’t bother to look. Probably doesn’t wanna join our troop then.


Come to Marion


I help create whisperers haha


Had a feeling that was you.Once I saw your region and faction after Kay pointed it out to me, anyways. Hulk still playing?


I don’t think so man . I think he quit a long time ago


Hi have you found anywhere ?


Do you want to give butler a try?


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