Need a new region plz

not looking for a top faction, just a region where people are cool with eachother and not snobby and stuck up. so much of that in this game and today it really showed.

Go to Miller!

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Come to Zombie Wreckers 2 in Harris

Albert is great

not if you’re oce it isn’t!

Check out Gilmer, on the quiet side sometimes, but generally pretty friendly.

Miller is cool

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Hilltop is very friendly faction in Chilton. Come check us out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Randolph is looking for active people. No drama! We are working at rebuilding the region

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Come to randolph, its calm and everyone is friendly. We need players to fill up vacant places in factions

Rockdale is a good region. We need a few more factions if anyone is interested. I would say not a clear number one team either so it is open for taking if you are good enough.

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