Need a new game, any suggestions?

I’m just done with this game atm. Ill leave it plugged in to get the bricks but I’m done being sad every time I log in. Any mobile games suggestions? What do you play? And I like rpg and strategy. I play Jurassic tribes and tap tap heroes also. Just time passing games. I’ve beat monster legends and dragon mania. No games associated with this company please. I’ve had enough headaches.


I’m sure whichever free-to-download game you choose will contain endless hours of entertainment, a supportive community, a sympathetic company, high placement in leaderboards with just an hour or two per day of in-game activity, and you will never be asked to watch ads, buy bundles, make pulls, etc. Scopely is a truly unique company and all other mobile gaming companies will never do to you what Scopely has done to you.

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I sense a tiny bit of sarcasm here…

I play games. Scopely isn’t my life. I play tons of other games that actually I can pay if I want, or not and still advance. Oh and doesn’t promise a bunch of bullcrap lies they don’t follow through with. If your so happy with the state of the game, good for you. You must have deep pockets and be easily amused. I’m simply asking for a game suggestion here. Not your blatant sarcasm. There are plenty of other games and game companies that not only respect their player base but produce enjoyable games. I was just asking if anyone plays anything interesting. Not to pull your chain. Okay? Thanks.


Yeah some ppl going to defend the company no matter what. In fact , I’ve been playing games since Atari and never have I been treated as poorly as I have by this company. But they can go off defending it if they want. Some ppl will keep taking it. I’m just interested in new games that maybe fun to play. But let them break their neck to write paragraphs of sarcasm. Isn’t wasting my time. I quit reading after the first sentence anyway. Lmao.


Really in to world of tanks blitz at the moment. Incredibly challenging and if you drop $100 you get really great tanks to fight with. Not just pieces of tanks like 8 freaking lilliths

Cool. I like heavy artillery. Is it World of tank blitz? Or tank blitz? Ill give it a try. I got hurt at work so all I have to do is sit here. Lol. Sounds fun. Thanks.


Thank you. Ill check it out!!!

It is super challenging and some of these guys take it very seriously. The best players in the world range from 60-70% win rates. I’m spending way more time on it then I am with this. I think it’s on Xbox live also for free. You will be called all kinds of names and get some pretty hostile messages from the guys that take their win rates way too seriously

Sounds fun and time consuming so I’m deff going to try it out. Its right up my alley too. Yeah, I just check in on rts for the bricks atm. I’m hoping against hope they’ll actually place a event that’s doable eventually and what I mean is fun to do. Not just grinding and grinding to grind. I don’t mean to be complaintful, but atm its just tiring. I hope it improves. They were going the right direction with pathways. I hope they pick up like that not giving up hope. I just need something new in the meantime. :slight_smile:

I’m only playing this for the gold bricks too. Just in case my interest comes back. Kinda doubt it though

If you play in the NA server on blitz then u can probably get in on my clan. Maybe I could help u learn but I’m not very good either

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Okay ill see where it lands me . thanks so much. I’m going to go get started and see what’s up. Appreciate the suggestion and help.

Besides twd, I’m playing Saint Seiya Awakening

COD mobile! Its taking over! Lol for reals they did a damn good job on it and its not p2w, you pay for skins, emotes, etc. Has multiplayer like classic COD and battle royal like fortnight/pubg. It plays smooth on mobile and looks good also.

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And if ya want a great game with customer service that really cares, try Into The Dead 2 by pikpok. They are fabulous as is gameplay! There are great game companies out there and great games. You just have to stop settling for sub par and look. Its 100% free to download and play. You can buy stuff but the need is miniscule. The rewards are great too.

COD mobile. Okay thank you. Ill check it out.

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Saint seiya? Ok. Thank you.

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