Need a free to all yellow decap bad

With all these ERIC magna combo teams there is a real need for a yellow decap this would lvl the playing ground and make the game more competitive again

Yellow Sawyer?


Oooo I want.

If the do something I imagine it would be Gen 1 stats. They just started rolling out Gen 2 stat toons. I’m sure they will have these specials on some kind of release schedule that allows them to continue extending spending.

Or they will kill the revive meta and we won’t need decaps as we will be trying to kill our opponent rather than just stalling.

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Personally I wouldn’t care if it was gen 1 toon as long as it’s some what decent not sure if wayland is gen 1 or not can’t rememeber

Ja, and he’s the only Gen 1 decap that hasn’t seen his fair share of wide release yet…

Would be nice for yellow sawyer to get the honors of becoming ascendable.


maybe that Miss-shell girl who was leaked last year will be a decap she is a whisper after all.

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Hmm, I just use my red team with red Sandy for it. Or you could do Alpha or maybe tyreese. I don’t know so many options.

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Yellow decap against eric teams are tricky. When I friendly duel with wayland, it’s not always pretty. I find more greens than blue behind eric.

Pro tip, just because the toons you struggle with are a certain trait, doesn’t mean your decap has to have the trait advantage. Remember, decap only has to land the killing blow.

Run a melee team of Fast toons with Alpha or Tyreese. Do the damage with the others and decap for the final hit


I tried explaining this already. It’s pro-advance I think.

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Can also put damage to blues mods on alpha or a tyreese but still a yellow decap like sawyer would be amazing

I have 3 alphas, each with a damage to a dif trait, one for green, one for blue, one for extra to yellow

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never forget plebits Screenshot_2019-02-19-14-44-34

Once they give out F2P decap, people can ask for a F2P that counters the decaps.

Hmmm… why do we need a decap again :thinking:

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