Need a faction bank/kitty or something for name changes and faction moves

Factions are meant for multiple members…
It isn’t fair to have one person pay or name changes or faction transfers,

We need a way for members to donate coins to the faction.
Names should be hidden.

No no @anon76032564 , you don’t see the full picture. Thousands of coins is worth not having to spend like 5 food.

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No No smart arse.

Starting in lower leagues makes names changes more worth while.
Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean other people won’t use them.

And you failed to crap all over the fact it would help with faction transfer…because you couldn’t.

Or you can just make a new faction for like 2 and a half cans of food…

You say that but… I play in a French faction and our leader spent 2,000 coins changing the name.

Shortly after that, he complained that with much regret he was stopping playing the game because he couldn’t win anything any more. The game had changed too much. Opponents were too difficult. Etc etc etc.

I would have been a lot more sympathetic if he had used his coins to up his game and hadn’t blown them on something even more stupid and pointless than oooh idk eg tokens with like a 0.00001% of a four star toon and a 99.99999% chance of a one star weapon that he could have bought.

If you use food to make a new faction you lose your leagues placement and OP is asking for a bank for people to put in a little coins to pay for faction things like name change and transfers, hope this cleared up your confusion

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Since when do you have to pay to change the name of your faction?

It cost 2k coins to change the name of your faction, been that way as long as i can remember

What?!? Wow that’s some scummy bullshit right there!! I haven’t had my own faction in like 2 years but when I did I remember having to pay to change the name of it, and I used to change it often.
I’m honestly disgusted by this, theses POS make me sick. It shouldn’t cost anything!

Maybe it should be like 500 coins to change name, not that it matters cause most wont change faction names anyways.

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