Need a better way to get armoury tokens and slot more of them

We need more armory tokens bad I’ve used mine and now I’m stuck and won’t be able to get anything from the event mission because the armory came with no real explication on what we should do first so many have wasted there tokens just clicking on stuff and now we are stuck and the road map once a week or what ever that drops like 10’tokwns half the time isn’t a good way to get them come on scopely


For real and it costs 50k token to upgrade a weapon let alone the 3k 7k and 15k it takes to research the epic effects and the other level 4 stuff I tried to upgrade to a 5* with only having like 1k and it said it would cost 19k coins without having tokens and that’s just ridiculous like this gane


Scopely has gone from trying to making money off the game to down right greedy-ness wanting everything aspect of the game to be p2p if that were the case why even offer the game to be free in the first place

Just make the game pay 2 login. Best way to see who’s addicted. That way they can only have whales fighting it out and cater to them.


They made it free because whales need food too.

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