Need 40 more shirts for blue carl


Anyone know if we will get more bags. Only need 40 more shirts

Premium collection is back

The collections in the museum have no timer shown, so apparently, you will have the lifetime of the game to acquire the final jackets. Unless that is a “mistake” and the promo for Carl should never have been issued to any players. Not that anything like that ever happens. :roll_eyes:

Here’s a bloody shirt for you. Or 3. Seems like fair compensation.


This is why I haven’t bought it. I asked he same question yesterday about how long the collection will go and no response. Maybe when @JB.Scopely wakes up


How many bags did it take you bro? Like 30?


I also need more shirts… And just noticed there’s a timer in the collection.
Hopefully they will sell more bags… Or re run the collection.


Premium collection #1 - #5 don’t show any timers in my museum.

Originally when Carl was 1st offered, they had one, but that one timed out, but then silently came back, without any timers that I can find.


I got lucky with the last set of bags and pulled 80 a couple times


They have a timer now and ends in less than a day. I guess I’m f***ed unless they sell more bags or re run the collection for a third time.


Good to know sir, I still have to to get 200 jackets more and no more bags in sight… Sigh.


Carl sux
Why bother


The offers were a mistake which has now been corrected. But you can keep your almost-big-enough collection of jackets…

All items awarded in all offers should be considered mistakes from now on.


I need 150 more :confused:


I love buying PIXELS!!!


Saying 17 hours on timers now


No timer for me


You had the update? think it only appeared after that.

And when did whetstones appear! never noticed them sneak in lol


Not had the update yet. Surely scopely will put more jackets out. Actually…it’s scopely. Whetstones been there a while bud lol


Save your money.


Too late… Since I wanted to spend only on “guaranteed” items I decided to get the coins… But now no bags in sight, joke’s on me and my poor understanding of guaranteed


Yeah it’s pretty fun