Necklaces instead of Dynamites. WTF!?


I knew I hadn’t imagined that! Check again…

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Keep on Surviving guys! :joy::joy:


Ehh… You trolling? :thinking:


Not just me then. Phew. What do we do about it?

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No trolling at all

Happy Valentine. And keep surviving.

Lucky me then…

Morning fellas!

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been doing some digging on this asking various players, and it seems some are seeing (and getting) a faulty item, while some other players get dynamites just fine.

My initial assumption is that there is a discrepancy form one region to the next. Therefore, could you please mention which region (along with your player name and faction name, is it won’t hurt further!) you are playing on so I can troubleshoot the issue further.

Many thanks!


In McCormick, I still see dynamite as a reward for the milestone, however, I received Lugs nuts, not Teddy Bears as a reward for the last lvl up.

When the level up loaded up for me it had the lugs and necklaces but I waited a few minutes and they switched to bears and dynamite.

I got necklaces instead of dynamite. Kate, The Mighty Millers, in Marlboro.

Name: Jr.
Region: Fayette

Faction extraterrestrials
Region: Ben Hill
Also got necklaces and claimed not realising it should have bee dynamite.

Same happened for me in Macon. Took about 10 minutes to change. Some faction mates took a little longer

Name: Peter
Region: Terrell
I committed thousands of gameplay hours and probably hundreds of £££ to the game in order to receive a sense of achievement and satisfaction.
But all I got was a 4* Estella.
Must be a bug - please fix ASAP!


Mrs.freeze from rico’s roughneck in darlington region. I got heart necklace too.

Rob from the seven in Albert. Got them too


Morgan region
Cerebral Assassins
Heart necklaces recieved