Necesitamos más walkies

Hay una escasez enorme de walkies y carteras en el juego. Apenas hay cajas de elección en los eventos que contengan estos accesorios. Si deberín ser más asiduos.


English Translation:

There is a huge shortage of walkies and wallets in the game. There are hardly any choice boxes at events that contain these accessories. If you should be more assiduous

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Nothing new here unfortunately, either gear or trainers. Ascension medals are another item which gets scarce. Even if you can farm road maps for gear you most certainly don’t get the needed gear from the boxes for upgrades. The whole game economy is flawed since 6* characters came out.

Yeah, there is always something, then we you get it sorted, like walkies, you get a few and think you are all good, you then realize you have no long coats … and the vicious cycle continues…

Agree that walkies and schoolbags are pretty scarce. One roadmap per week and two to purchase in leagion store, yet you need them for 5*/6*/Sclass…

Otoh, the anniversary stash contains choiceboxes for them now - hopefully this choicebox will appear more often in the game now!

Let’s see if it’s true that scopely listens to you

I have heard many people say that ascension medals are scarce, I tried to see if that somehow happened to me as a free player, so I have been these last level events, raising and promoting 5 star characters, and my ranks of those medals are always kept between 1500 and 2300

Talking about the golds, of course. I got the same level, actually. Even so many, that I ascended some 4-5 toons I am not even sure I’d touch as 6* - collecting dust as T1L1…

I’ve seen ppl asking for silver medals too though. That stuff is running in the millions too. And I never buy them in the SR store and don’t do the weekly roadmap for a year already…

lol, sorry for my mistake there, I was talking about legendary medals, as for the promotion medals, I also have millions, by the way I spent 2 shivas, 2 rositas and 2 louis the legendary medals and my numbers always oscillated between 1500 and 2300 as I said before.

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