Nearly five hours


Its been nearly five hours since uve contacted support aboit switching my account from my android to my iphone. Linked facebook and that didnt help. Anyone know what to do? Any help os appreciated.


You’ll most likely have to show them a receipt of purchase


I did. I’ve given them everything.


I’m not even getting a respond back from them. I’ve been at it all morning.


Your first mistake was expecting anything.


Don’t ever expect a quick response from support. You would be lucky if you solve your problem at all.


And why should we continue to accept this kind of behavior from them? Customer support has one function. Anyone care to take a guess as to what that should be?

Scopely if you outsource your cs then think about finding a new company who will treat your customers with respect or face the fact that you will lose them. It’s never good business to treat the customers poorly.


Only 5 hours? Lol I’ve known them to take over a day :joy:


And if it takes over a day, then so be it. What’s getting me ticked off is the fact that I’m not even getting a response from them. I’ve been sending message after message and nobody hasn’t replied back to me. It’s completely ridiculous.


Took them 4 days to get someone in my region back into her account when this happened to her.


You’ll have to forgive my poor typing skills. New phone.


And when they do finally get back to you half the time they don’t even have a clue. It’s like they’re working for another game. Shockingly bad customer support it has to be said. Sorry dude.


Lol, when people say it takes over a day, that means that it takes over a day just to get an initial response, not to have your problem solved.


This is generally the case unless you get an automated response. I have had to contact support every day because the egg hunt roadmaps aren’t giving me the completion rewards. Something as simple as that takes between 12-24 hours.


Your first message was sent around 2am Pacific Time, they probably just didn’t have anyone in the office. (Unless they outsource their customer support which I kinda doubt.)


Nope , I’m still waiting …


Most companies have systems that deal with complaints on a first come first serve basis. However, repeated e-mails usually refresh the status of an inquiry and it ends up in the back of the queue because it’s identified as ‘new.’ Idk if that’s how things work at Scopely but try not to bombard them and see how it goes.




Still waiting?


No, it was fixed later on in the evening. Irritating, but glad I didn’t have to wait days.