Naya's Firestarter Bugged?

This was brought up over the weekend… We just would like some clarification. Is this how it should work or is this a bug?



I have another video highlighting this but I can’t upload it here.

@JB.Scopely This is the one I messaged you about.

Thanks for your help and feedback.

Thanks for documenting this @Lizzy

I’m aware this has been discussed quite a bit recently, and I will now forward this thread to the people in charge of all things related to combat, to double check what is the expected behaviour here.

As always, I shall report back my findings!


Any news on Follow Up Morgan while you’re at it?

I thought you quit @Lizzy

Yeah I had Morgan screw a level on SR recently… we need a fix PRONTO


I don’t have that Morgan but I see people dropped some money to get him, and for good reason, he’s a great character. I don’t think it’s right that he has been bugged for so long already.


Now they will probably nerf Maggie … great work :joy:

Nooooo, I just dropped $10 to get her. But seriously speaking, I would be amazed if they actually nerfed fire starters but not fix Morgan’s or any other broken character.

Yes you are absolutely right. His bug was discovered almost immediately after his initial launch. They actually sold him again as a premiere without fixing him and months later he is still bugged. I don’t know why it is taking so long since I believe the subroutine that is buggy should perform the same exact way as dwight’s.


Don’t Nerf Maggie. I really like her. She is a quality toon.

No they didn’t, they changed his premier recruit to wayland last time.

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I did… For over 7 months… I got sucked back in… :blush:

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Well he was part of some deal because I have two of him and I know I didn’t pull him twice on the same premiere. Maybe he was part of a token wheel… bottom line they shouldn’t have put him out there again until they fixed him.

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At face value, specialist skill and Weapon effect should be independent functions.

The burn currently on the character shoulda been replicated to the adjacent toon. Then the burn on the too. You struck should have been replaced by the higher strength burn.

Just my 2 cents. I suspect it is an order of operations issue.

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