Naya or season tara?

Need to pick one. I have stronger ranged imo so would usually go melee but with Tara being a a a son specific toon, Don t know if it’s smarter to get her as may be a rare find later. Thoughts?

My ranged is already strong enough and I still took Tara.

If you can’t decide, don’t rush it. Still alot of time left this season.

Was gonna go for Naya as well but with talk about that league Season 4 character I’m gonna save up the points.

Was wondering if there’s gonna be a price hike w later season toons w them being more ba. Would just hate to go w naya and then pull her from a wheel

I would say just wait or save, i got all 3 and haven’t used one yet neither are game changer or just over the top.

Already got sandy, use her regularly on at k bc cc active and ar, plus revive. Didn t know if those w Tara thought she was like a blue marlon and rosie

I was debating the same I have Sandy already. Just gonna wait. I haven’t seen Tara in action and I’ve heard very mixed reviews on naya

Nabbed Camilla so will probably grab naya too. I took Tara first though.

Get Tara, as she is a seasonal character we don’t know when we will see her again.

We also didn’t think we’d see war exclusive epics, or the pick your side characters in wheel, or the rise to power Rick…

First, I never said we wouldn’t see her again. I said we don’t know when we will see her again. Big difference.

Second, war exclusive epics and pick your side five stars are irrelevant now if you’re near the meta. If you’re a new player then Holy shit balls you could get a character that was useful two years ago… Moot point.

Third, I can’t rightly argue since leagues are relatively new but I can tell you that all previous collection event toons including Rick have showed up elsewhere.

Season one toons have not yet. Again, we don’t know when we will see the current toons again, but they’re available now, for free.

Either is fine. Just depot whoever after.

Naya is fantastic. She’s taken my attack team from freemium crap to being able to hold its own.

Not sure about Tara on defense but as an attack she makes my life easier and I really suck so much dirty ass.