Naya mods and set

Wondering what mods I should put on naya. Torn between attack mod set or hp mod set.

The most balanced set i have for her.

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Most toons I use I try and have some balance of all of it depending on their job in the team. Naya is purely attack toon but she still needs to stay alive. I’d do attack set, with hp and def, attack on blues, resist stun or impair, and ap drain


Ty. I’d put burn where u have bleed tho

Dont put burn on her or her teamates. Shes an absolute beast of an attacker. Her 400 bleed doesnt overlap so if you have a toon with a bleed mod say 200 bleed she firestarts with 200 bleed. Id full out attack on her. Shes squishy but rather have a team that can kill off someone in 3 turns rather then struggle for 7 turns and lose

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She already has 400 burn on her weapon, burn does not stack, so you would be wasting potential with a burn mod.


Did not know that. Ty

I would not run her at all. I got excited and bought her on her first promo ever…neglecting the fact that once someone dies with burn still on them jumps to a random.
Making ar managment unmanageable. Shes purely zombie killer

If your using her for attack and that toon dies why wouldn’t you want the burn to transfer?


Lol exactly man

i have noticed burn / bleed will effect people with the indomitable skill, bleed/burn on one going trigger the effect twice so you start each round them having 60% defense bonus long as both stats are on them

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Because it makes single target management harder. I dont have the luxury of decap. I will systematically attack Im at a time. This there is less ar gained on damage taken.

Especially on erika/Lydia walled teams. If they ain’t hit, they dont activate as fast. I’ll attack non recovers to buils my ar an blow 5 ar’s at once on a reviver.

If you burn. It jumps to a random target.
I run bleed only. Burn on defence team is acceptable. Otherwise its stun neutralize confuse and decap

Have to disagree bud…

It only really boost ar if they have ar on def which most teams don’t run. defense teams mostly have carl or lydia leader’s and huge ap on attack on weapons. Then only get 2 ap a hit dont think that’s making that much a difference burn is f*****ing amazing cuz it BURNS right through bonus hp. A toon with full bhp can die if hp is low and gets burned naya is a beast in that sense

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