Name change customization



i saw this guys in my league solo chat, was wondering what keyboard gives this star/symbol or even similar ones.


I’m pretty sure the guys in the Diamond League chat know :rofl:


I think its only possible on ios with some kind of custom keyboard or font app but I do know it looks dumb as hell. Every time I see those stupid symbols I think there’s a 12-year-old boy or girl. :laughing:


If you are on ios look up an app called Cool Fonts, if you’re on an android I got nothen…


Take that back.
I’m actually 10.


android here, i use fancy key for different fonts but symbols im not familiar with.


diamond 1 here, its where i saw it, lol


You’re a fibber. No way the king of swing is a child. Your also a ghoul now. :wink:


Then you should keep it SECRET, all us platinum folks shouldn’t be trusted with such information :sunglasses::zipper_mouth_face:


Damn it. You caught me.


lol, at the rate im not using cans and not hitting territories, i wont be in diamond after this wk.


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