Mystery Points?

Anyone have any info on this?

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Sounds pretty dumb. Where are all these magic scraps going to come from with the tiny stupid daily cap we have in place in order to level them up?

Can’t wait to see their idea of what “sorts of rewards!” actually are. Burts and bronze mods? :smirk:


From hard earned cash. It’s scopes business model

Prizes will be poo prob

Surprised it took this long for the information to get here. Saw this 2 days ago.

Cant you read? It says Mastery points not Mystery and all the information you need is in the post you linked.

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Thank you all who trashed hordes. Now we get these civilian tournaments lol

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Before bringing in any new tournaments, they need to work on the problems at hand, like fixing war creates and putting a team on making ogs acendables, territory battles, fixes and updates so we dont get game crashes… the important stuff.
This seems like just another cash grab and to try tempting #pu members, #failscopley


Mod leveling tournament, sounds super exciting :sleeping:


@GR.Scopely I like the idea of a new tournament that is like level up but for mods,
but you need to increase the limit. I have sold all bronce and silver because they are useless anyway, but I still have way more than 1000 gold mods. Please increase the limit to 5000 or so as part of the Club


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another account from joe :crazy_face:

Scopely storyboard session:

How can we make level ups even more mundane?

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Who is Joe?

Hmmm LU is not an event IMO :hugs:


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Why not? Of course it is:

As long as the leveling process itself is based on luck, these tournaments will have no merit

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Our opinions differ on this🤗

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Yes. My opinion is correct. It is the same as it is written in the dictionary.
Your’s is wrong.

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What if I choose to differ from Scopely’s opinion and don’t call it an event, is it still one then :thinking:

Yes, because the definition is not Scopely’s definition. It is the one and only valid definition used by literally each and every dictionary.