Mystery Mod Boxes : What are the odds?

So I decided today to open my collection of Mystery Mod Boxes, that I have been collecting in daily missions, I got sick of looking at them in my inventory and this Anvil event looks like a good opportunity for a clean up : Here is what I got from 118 openings.

75 Bronze Mods (63.5%)
30 Silver Mods (25.4%)
13 Gold Mods (11%)

Bronze Mods
HP Set 14
Def Set 20
Crit Set 20
Atk Set 21

Silver Mods
HP Set 9
Def Set 3
Crit Set 8
Atk Set 10

Gold Mods
HP Set 3
Def Set 4
Crit Set 5
Atk Set 1

The most common mods are as follows;

Bronze HP
Atk x2
Atk vs fast x2
Atk vs Alert x2
Heal reduction resist x2

Bronze Def
Def vs Fast x2
Def while Disarmed x2
Def x2
Def vs Tough x2
Crit Chance x4 (This was the single most common mod)

Bronze Crit
Atk vs Strong x3
Def vs Fast x2

Bronze Attack
Crit Chance x3
Burn x2
reflect damage x2
Def vs fast x2

Silver Crit
Def x3

Gold Def
Def vs fast x2

Now the ones that are most useful the Gold Mods (13) Here is the breakdown

HP Set (3)

Life Steel
Stun Resist
Atk vs Alert

Def Set (4)

Def While Disarmed
Def Vs Fast (2)
Trauma Resist

Crit set (5)

Bleed Resist
Crit Damage
Maim resist
Atk vs Strong
Def vs Strong

Attack Set (1)

Daze Resist

If anyone is interested in a particular mod please ask and I will let you know if it came up.


Excellent work partner, thanks to the players who are in charge of this type of statistics, it seems that they are not entirely relevant but they are used for statistics :grin:


Cheers Pal - I had a count up at the 48 stage, and began to wonder “Why am I doing this to myself?”

But I am pleased I kept on keeping - and yes it is completly irrelevent! But thats what makes it beautiful :smiley:


Got to love a bit of pure raw data!

If possible, you could be asked to carry out other statistical data, perhaps, I do not know, perhaps now on the map where they give scrap metal, it would be good to know in which of the three stages they give more and with which tokens of repeating stages they give more, if the bronze or silver :thinking:

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Yeah that actually sounds kinda fun - I think I understand what you are looking for - I will see how I am for time tomorrow, if not tomorrow I probably wont get it done as I am away over the weekend sorry.

Ok I did the 3 maps, after completing the maps I used 10 bronze tokens on each one ( sorry for the small sample size)

Stage 1
Sheet Metal 150 ( 2 Pulls)
Mod Scraps 7980 (8 Pulls)

Stage 2
Sheet Metal 380 ( 5 Pulls)
Mod Scraps 5980 ( 5 Pulls)

Stage 3
Sheet Metal 100 (1 Pull)
Mod Scraps 6355 (9 Pulls)

Both Stage 1 and stage 2 produced 5000 mod pulls ( on the 8th and 9th tokens) stage 3 produced two pulls 2500 mods while there was a single 2500 pull from stage 1.

So I think If you want Mod scraps go for stage one - if you want Sheet Metal redo stage 2.

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A couple days ago, I counted off the scraps dropping from stage3 whilst burning my energy and ended up with an average very close to 500 per run. The sheet metal didn’t drop once in the ~30 runs, but I noticed it dropping later.

I haven’t gone scientific on it, but since I prefer to burn energy with faction helpers (and using Pam lead with a weaker team ill-capable of beating stage3), I’ve been grinding stage2 quite a lot. It pops 5k scrap mods relatively often, so it does the 100 sheet metal, about the same (or slightly higher - but might be a subjective impression based on a smaller sample size) as the stage3 I burnt over 200 salvage tokens on.

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