Mystery Box Create a 6 Star Char


An idea. Why Scopely does not create a Lootbox/Mystery Box
You packed 3 x 6 Star Chars in the Box. Then you get a random 6 Star Char back?


Odds are if they even put a good toon in that box, it’ll be a 99.9% chance you get the crappy f2p one


Sorry, let me get this straight.

We give Scopely 3 of our legendary toons & in return they give us one. Is that right?

You know RNG would damn near guarantee you get one of the toons you put in the box back.


I have so many 6 Star double. what should I do with them ???
Then it’s better I have a chance for a new one


Funnily enough.


Give up 3 6-stars with a 1% chance for a good toon and a 99% chance to get one of your 3 back and destroy the other two. Hmmmm. :thinking:

Now, that’s something scopely would be down for. I fully expect this to be added to the game very soon. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


OK, it was a bit harsh, but still… There are many places you can assign dupes to


Can we just have a choose Box?The random stuff is really starting to turn me off


We have that. It’s called Ascendance. You can use it by pressing statue beetween the Museum and Townhall


No ascendance needs medals and more than 3 characters :man_facepalming:, nice try doe


But you trade characters against other characters.


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