Mystery bags in new region

In the new region edgefield when we had blitz war we got mystery bags wait for it, full of bloody shirts, vials and hp. Now it’s raid time more mystery bags guess what’s in them? For a new region please have more imagination. Do you know if they had gloves and shirts I would be happy as we have had no daily road maps and with the current SLUT on it would have helped. If your going to open new regions just I’m asking a slight thought to what we may need. Thanks.


I just checked my leaderboard.

I’m the 22nd person in this SLUT.
i feel dirty


I don’t think they’re because you’re a new region. Those mystery bags are usually place holders until the proper stuff is loaded in. Seems like someone at Scopely had a POETS day on Friday and forgot to switch then out…

I can’t get used to people calling lvl up tourneys slut lol

and the bloody shirts are back!


So people are getting bloody shirts from the SLUT?

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Not SLUT we are getting normal rewards. It’s raid and previous war

Our region totally thrashed the SLUT.
Now we’re getting a FLUT. then another SLUT?

A good SLUT is fine, but after so many SLUTS in a row one does get exhausted.


Oh look what is in our bags in recruits

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So if solo level ups are SLUTs, what are the others?
Like dare I say one about meta, Scopely Cares about Meta? Or for short, SCAM!

I to am in a new region and we have same issue with the mystery bags I currently have over 200 of those bags which should be war crates .every part of the game has the same issue shop with the 2 million food bags are shirts,hp,and vials I hope scopley fixes it for you as I’ve finished Bruce’s road map and the bag at the end for me was still the dam mystery bags people are quitting the region because of the bags its very frustrating

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