Mystery bags again


I visited the two new regions and saw they are getting normal bags with gear. And edgefield are still getting mystery bags with shirts and vials. People have mentioned that scopely has set up this region to fail which has alot of evidence supporting this. Hackers still hacking, crappy mystery bags, still no daily roadmap and opening two new regions at once. Alot of us has spent on this region so can someone please sort this out! Much appreciated as support is not supporting. @kalishane


new region


Uploading… edgefield


Both bags are useless anyways…

P.S. you’re cute

But yea thats lame on scopely for giving your region even worse rewards than everyone else


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Makes a lot of sense lol


Even our recruits have those bags!! :joy: p.s I would rather have the gear!! Need it for new region


Prob our hacker created it that’s why he is still there🤔