Mystery Bag not dropping from gear roadmap

Has anyone else had luck with the mystery bag (gear drop) from replaying the current gear roadmap?

Prior to this, It would drop pretty much every time, with a large drop leader. This week, I am using 2 large drop leaders and nothing. I’m 0 for 15 at the moment.

I’ve gotten 2 so far

I barely used to get them before and same case now. I used to probably get 1 drop and haven’t got any this time.

I use 2 large drop leads

this ‘ultimate’ map rarely drops

The Elite & Ultra maps do on the last 2 stages, i never farm this one

The bag drops from the ultimate gear map has always been so rare for me that I’ve never bothered trying to farm it tbh.

As others have said, this ultimate roadmap rarely drops. The easiest ways to remember if the gear roadmap is farmable is to remember stages 7 and 8 are farmable (ultimate has 6; others have 8) or remember human stages are the farmable ones.

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I got one every Time I used a 6* kenny and a factionmate 6* kenny and I got one every time.

How many of your factionmates have Kenny?

3/4 of the faction probably a bit more.

Are u sure it’s ultimate rm? I only farm ultra rm since drops are very rare in ultimate even with both drop leaders, unless something has changed… then I need to check.

I still get a lot of mystery bags they drop about 85% of the time for me.

Just tried 3 times with double Kenny’s, no drops. I will keep with ultra where I can use tokens lol

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It the only good luck I get on this game.

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