My YGL mission is MIA


I want to thank @Verdeiwsp for coming up with this plan. I really didn’t realize this plan till he told me.

Plan: Raid for food and save high deluxe healing cans and sell them. At this rate, I’ll most definitely be getting Dwight before it ends. I’m free to play and only had guardian zeke to help me get to where I am. Still have levels to go for him, but I started leveling 5*s to speed the process. Seems to be working. Haha

Thanks again bud :smile:


Yeah lol, this is basics 101. Most of the time I still end up getting less food searching for a non-bot player.


What an awful community…

It’s a nice tip @endureandsurvive9 don’t listen to the haters.


Thought you were level125…


Um no? I said I’m close to it. What the heck? That had nothing to do with what I said. Stay on topic man.


You can’t be nice to anyone here, so I’m glad Scopley is screwing them over. :angry: . It was just a tip from the guy I posted. This was supposed to be for people who didn’t know about this plan, but since people don’t like it, I guess I’ll get mods to close it. I will no longer relate tips to anyone.


To be honest i thought u knew this already, this is great if u don’t care about ur rep because only players have this amount of food and some will take revenge but if u don’t care about rep u can get a lot of food this way.

Don’t forget to use the silver radios, u can get a decent amount of food if u farm those a few times.
And if u can get legendary training going on for some weeks u can take the food back when u need it, during levels up this is good because u also get the 100 survivors back which u can use for any kind of training u want.


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People always mention to save stuff in training and I see why, I just don’t like the idea of it. Reason is that 1) You lose your food and survivors when the training is complete, and 2) you have to draw survivors out and put them into training anyways…so it seems way more efficient to just put them into training assuming you can keep up with the timer.


I never cease to be amazed at how many small, pathetic children we have in here who feel it necessary to make comments like “duh”, and “how long you been playing” or “no shit”. They’re just too juvenile to understand that many new players haven’t learned all the tricks yet and are in need of some guidance. Thank goodness for all the kind, generous people we have here who are never too busy to lend a helping hand.


I totally agree with you but when ure out of shirts and/or gloves legendary training is a good option.


They’re just ignorant and bored, so they have nothing else to do but be assholes to people. I’m done trying to help people who don’t want help.


People do want help. You just have to ignore the assholes and know that those you help appreciate it. Don’t let the assholes win. Ever.


I’m doing my best, and I agree.


There us excess food. If u do the math and put those 100 survivors (÷5) =20 on a regular training ground that cost 6500 each it’s 130k food but to put on legendary or elite it cost 219k for 70 so when u put those 70 in plus the 2days gives u more time to gather survivors then the 15 min timer and when u minus the food and survivors out even putting them on perosna specific tg u will have excess food go level up the toons which is the point. When u use them on high replinish u lose half of what u put in. So if something cost 20k u only get 10k for selling it. So training ground you lose nothing and u always have survivors ready to put on camps. Mind u my camps are also going non stop. If u farm daily and grab survivors territories honestly u have more then needed. If anything I need shirts and gloves more than anything


U keep being who u are like I said on another post of yours the trolls look for any excuse, don’t let assholes change u or ur opinion.


Thanks. I appreciate it. :slight_smile: