My wish to make this game amazing again

Can we please have an S class duel specialist with payback & bide. Thanks!


S class should be triple specialist, payback bide and human shield

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Why stop there?
add execution,revive,slow,exhaust…jack of all trades.
Make it a triple $$$ class, put him in an exclusive premium wheel 10000 coins a pull with 0.000000001% of getting him or her.
makes perfect sense the scopely way

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Dont be giving them anymore ideas lol

It’ll be the first microtransactions s class. He will be given to everyone for free. Each level up costs coins instead of food. Coins in addition to gear attained in an rng loot box that costs coins to upgrade.

Don’t forget decapitate

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At least it’ll be honest

We need shiva as a Rainbow lead nowwww!!!

Active skill: Instantly win the battle.


Only chance for this game ever to improve is selling it to a new publisher… Scopely don’t care and frankly they would rather dedicate resources to other games which are not 4 years old


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