My Weekend War Roster Video


Here is a quick 8 hit cycle video of what I am showing up to war with this weekend. It isn’t the best team but it is pretty strong. I hope you enjoy.


your team was great doing good but for tower attack against wakers u need to keep no healers ,no ofence,only alert and blue characters


I keep forgetting to use my Rocket Abe for towers FeelsSadMan.


But what fun is it to play on auto… You just prove how totally broken certain characters are!


I can see that aspect where it isn’t fun but the teams I go up against lack something to make them well rounded and I get to attack first so I will win majority of the time until I go up against another heavy 3 shiva comp and Erika teams at certain points are tough. If you look at some of these defense teams I am facing they lack damage pressure so it’s easier to win.

I almost lost to a triple mirabelle and double tyreese comp yesterday and earlier today a vincent leader with 2 range beat it on auto play. A lot of it is the weapons so hopefully RNG is on my side since I get to attack first.

There are counters to my team. I can think of 2 off the top of my head which can easily shut it down.


Premiers toons have better artificial intelligence than Free toons


They lack damage pressure do to Scopely not making any damage Characters ascendable… Or really any defensive characters. You are pointing out 2 possible issues when attacking. To me it seems like you spent a lot of money to not really have to play the game that you are supposed to enjoy playing. I cannot understand this at all. I do not want this to sound like I am taking jabs you in anyway but i fail to see the fun in autoing 95% of your wars. It just proves how totally broken and pathetic the game is in its current form. You spend a bunch of money so you can do other things during there super long marathon events that give us complete crap for rewards. That was a jab at Scopely!

I am sure if you used that team as a defense it will loose. The AI in this game is much like star wars troopers… I actually doubt that is your defense you have to much damage and no defense.


@MR.T 3 Shivas is tough and by far the toughest team I have faced and those are all F2P. There are plenty of ascendable damage toons that can cause some trouble for people. This was really the first time I started auto playing as I got the majority of them to tier 4 the week of the war due to the necklace event.

If I have 2 options, 1 where I manually play and take longer to take someone out in a war or auto play and win faster, I would choose the latter just for the sake of our faction winning rather than something personal but we all play for different reasons which is cool.

If war wasn’t all about speed then I would def not auto play during but since it is I have to change my approach if I want to win or at least score a decent amount of points for milestones. Sometimes autoplay does take longer but on average it seems I can win on turn 4 with this team on auto play which goes pretty fast.

And honestly the weapons do most of the work and all of them can be obtained the same except for Michonnes confuse gun. I can see a confuse modifier being able to be crafted down the road in the game but not sure if it will be for blue weapons, so only a matter of time.

That team on defense nets me about at least +100 rep a day so far but when a war is going on I don’t get attacked too often. People are having a very hard time beating this team but it does get beat and they usually bring 1 or 2 counters of the team.

My defends per war average about 6. The screenshot at the end of the video I had 16 defends for that war. I can almost bet that faction was about to throw their phone/tablet out the window as they were winning for 80% of that battle. I was the only one alive for at least 50% of that battle.

Sorry for long post… let me find a potato (hope you are a 9gagger or this part wont make sense lol)


I can defenitly say, I never got so many timeoutes before, could really use a great offense toon :grin:


Your offense does no damage.

Get rise to power Rick in there.


Have anyone that can lower defenses? That can help if you don’t have a good power house hitter.

What Wanderer said about getting Rick is a great call too.


Shiva is free but from my stand point is still not as useful as Bruce but again what you speak is still the absolute broken parts of the game. Im going to get 3 shivas together because that is the only green attacker there is that is free to play. She is still no where near the power level that bruce and michonne are. I again am back at the same thing you spend a bunch of money and worried about winning so you have to auto because its faster. This game is broken. Tell me how much you love clicking auto to fight in wars because you have to hit a little faster than the other group? Then all the while we are fighting or milestones of trainers and in placement some worthless 5* tokens. The tokens have a 1% chance at an ascendable. So 1 in 100 give or take will be a useful character. You have to win a lot of wars to possibly get a character no where near as useful as what you have paid for.


Yeah, I wish I could, but I have so many hunters and some of them are priority. My next 6* is problably
going to be Lucas instant.


Not really. Normally Glenn is in there, instant of Maggie. So 2 Buffers, but no Debuffers


@Dr.Mekar OK cool that we can work with. If your team lacks some damage output then having confuses on your team can be a good thing as that can help potentially with damage or a stun weapon modifier. Since Glenn can confuse 2 + buffer it can work out. Connor would be a good pickup I would imagine for your team.


Yeah, he was my Ascendance wish char before I pulled Hershel. Now I’m not sure what to do :thinking: