My Town Idea cause the town desperately needs improvement

Just off the top of my head. My Idea is, Instead of expanding our current town, we have a 2nd town (hilltop) and after you reach a new player level (maybe level 200), you unlock the 3rd town (Kingdom). All will have different building designs. You can swipe left or right to get to the next town and collect your materials, all of which will accumulate in their respective storages until you use them. Each town can have their own special features like more advanced armories with the newest weapon builds, A mod building where you can level up or reset mods and a training ground that gives you the chance at an ascendable 5*.


monetization in progress

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A new different looking war map or just some money spent on revamping war to make it look better

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Wow! This would be awesome! We have Alexandria, get to certian level and habe Kingdom, Sanctuary, Hilltop, yes! But that is a lot of work for scopely and not many are actually working on this game anymore, everyones gone to star trek and RTS is just to milk every last drop of :moneybag:

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