My Top 15 Wished Legacy Ascendable

I fully agree, though since we don’t know if Scop ever intends on giving us Legacy S-Class Characters, I decided to make them Normal 6*, but quite powerful ones.

While S-Class is the Future, it also takes alot of time and Gear to level them, though it would fully be enough for the beginning in my opnion to make every Third Legacy a S-Class on Release.

Of mine I’d choose:

IMO they should focus on s class legacies the last 6* legacy Maggie was kinda blah

Oh that’s true. DiViriSTY

There’s a load of 5 stars that I’m attached to, and if I had to pick 15 that I’d most like to see become ascendable it’d have to be
15: Maggie “road to survival 1”
14: Sandy (executioner)
13: Skylar
12: Bruce
11: Jose
10: Audrey
9: Darius “road to survival”
8: Carrie
7: Alicia
6: Ellen
5: Kate “ties that bind”
4: Teresa
3: Mirabelle “road to survival 1”
2: Rosita “road to survival 2”
1: Caroline

mostly because I like their designs and have had them for a while, you get attached to them after a while.

**honourable mention to a new threat Negan, Pam, road to woodbury Joshua and Rosa, because I also like them so


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All legacies should be S class

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Maybe after the 5* weapons Era begins but idk lol

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