My thoughts on CRW for scopely


ok so after this weekend’s cross region War I had to think long and hard about what I really thought about this sham event.

So you have a bunch of regions unhappy with their current situation because it’s full of liars and cheats and hackers that have the absolute best of everything and it’s no competition for them anymore on their Home Server so Scopely has the brilliant idea to expand on what those guys and girls can fight and have these crossover events.

While I’m not a whale but I have spent some money in the game and I’ve been around long enough I’ve seen and heard of exploits but never taken advantage of them because it’s flat out Shady business as far as I’m concerned just as shady as scopely forcing all the cheats down the throats of everyone else that legitimately plays the game within the rules

It flaunts the cheats right in our faces when in fact those cheats are costing scopely present and future Revenue from honest players
If there happens to be bad tenants in my apartment building my landlord doesn’t throw them into a different apartment hoping the good tenants around them will rub off no my landlord flat-out throws them out. It’s my landlord’s property and there’s rules to be followed if you can’t follow those rules it’s time to get out.

Maybe scopely you guys should Step Up and take your game back from the cheats take your game back from the liars and the thieves instead of punishing the honest people that follow the rules get rid of the dishonest ones.


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Read it all. I agree 100%.