My thanks to everyone (speech to end 2019)

So as this decade come close to an end I’ll like to thank a bunch of people. I’ll like to thank @GR.Scopely and JB (where ever he is now) Also @LadyGeek (even though we didn’t have a convocation) I’ll like to thank the players in the regions of Rockdale and Harris For helping me in events And a big thanks to the fractions of BongMonkeyz and Reaper wreckers for being they for me. I’ll like to thank @Invisinerd @Link @Manonthemoon @Mamadeadhead and @Lockdown for there informative content and I’ll like to thank the rest of the community

Also I’ll like to thank scopely(as controversial it my sound) for this game that I love and enjoy

So as this decade ends and 2020 starts let’s hope for a better future for all


Well done my friend I hope mostly for a better future for the game and everyone else :clap:


Thanking JB, GR and LadyGeek? :nauseated_face:

I would put ladygeek in a different bucket than jb and gr since she is a player and they are employees

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Thought you quit


I’d like to thank you for quitting @Aeris


sadly @Aeris can’t seem to quit the forums


Forums are actually more fun than the game. So it’s understandable.


If you quit then game you opinion doesn’t matter because it part of a game ya don’t play

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Nice! Screenshot_2019-12-13-02-15-55-1 Happy Holidays and happy 2020!!

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Thanks for the thankful thread. Surviving 2019 irl and in game is all that matters the most loool

Have a nice one bud, happy Christmas :sparkles::fist_right::fist_left:

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@Capt-walker-slayer Thanks! :slight_smile:

Why do you wanna give Ladygeek a convocation?

Ahh it’s nothing plus I know you and the developers get a bunch of hate so I’ll like to show a bit of sympathy to you and the team

I like the unironic gratitude. Refreshing. Happy New Years, Captain. Hope 2020 is better for us.