My team keeps losing raids because of stun weapons

I don’t know how that’s fair matchups. I lost 6 raids in a row because every enemy had stun weapons.

Yeah that’s called a gaming feature


I don’t know how constantly being put against unbeatable teams at my level is feature

Do you have a different melee leader?

Stun is for those without the holes in their buckets.

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I’ve got epic Camilla but she’s constantly one shot so she’s not even useful until I can ascend her

Use anti-stun mods?


No anti stun mods

I think she would make a difference in your attack when ascended.

Her lead skill is pretty good

Stun resist mods, stun on attack weapons for your greens, disarm, stun rushes or active skills(when opponent is stunned they won’t stun you)


I don’t have disarm or stun on attack town hall only level 13

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You run a majority Green team and use Yellow Rick, which doesn’t give them any lead bonus. Your team building is wrong.

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Then it is possible you aren’t quite at a level to face those types of opponents yet and need to continue growing and developing. Focus getting your town built up so you can be crafting good weapons. Make sure you are in an active faction that is helping you grow.


I literally don’t have any legend leads except him and Connor so not my fault using what I have

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You just said you have Camilla… if she’s not leveled, level her then.

Also, you’re fighting 4 Alerts with 3 Strong. Unless you have a good team synergy set up, you can’t be surprised that they beat you easily.


It’s not just alerts I constantly fight Strong’s with stun katanas

Not sucks I just need to upgrade camilla

Disarms are a good way to get past those weapons

I don’t have any disarms

Might be handy if you post your full roster, you might be overlooking someone. Or depending how long you’ve been playing you might just need more time to develop and gain toons to compete against the level that is giving you trouble. Trust me, it only gets harder.

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