My take on this Horde game

I think it would been better if you was able earn your defense players and already be fighting S10 and S9++ defense. This mode get so boring very fast. Only reason to play this mode is not to far behind in trophies. Everyone should started as fresh defense and earn while you go defense player cards. Would make things more interesting.

Yes and it is quickly being noted on players not buying refills now because youre fighting the same guy about 3-4 times a refill if you dont beat them.

it makes no sense

Yes I got the same like 10 people over and over. There is something busted with search.

I just spent 2 refills … 12 hits …1 enemy had 5* in there, the rest all 6* (platinum 4 league) the other i got lucky as they put a crit lead in the other

Won 2
Lost 10

That has made my mind up on spending on any refills in the event

Only way to improve this is to change the timer to 15 mins so we can play it

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Just saying would been funnier if everyone would just start on equal platform. Earn defense cards of characters.

I like the game. My only beef. Is as allways. What’s the point if everyone is buying refills but u Also. 700 hoard tokens from all milestones? It’s 80 pulls to complete both wheels.

Depends what league your in. But in diamond. Almost impossible to get a win

Just overall really bad event, boring, long wait times, high milestones, crap rewards. Why don’t you just focus on fixing the current issues i.e. territory glitches etc instead of introducing a new event with its own new set of issues. 0/5 rating in my opinion

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I stopped playing this horde already. Just let me demoted. I don’t care. It is too boring.

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50 for first stash and 40 for the second

You need very specific cards and have to do it perfectly and even then its not always, i used 12 energy, lost like 3 battles, only one cause i finally got some really good cards and have a strat, horde needs an overhaul already

why do walkers with 9K attack only get 300 damage on toons with 3k defense.

Somethings hella wonky.


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