My subscription is bugged and support won't help me?



Same. Can i also suggest something that may be overlooked when compensation is organised. The people who had access to the offer could redeem it in every region in which they played. When i was compensated for the benedicts in the original week (had nothing since) it was only to one region. To be true the refund of missed offers should be to all regions that that player logged into during the potential offer period.


Great news, thanks


thank you JB. I just hope this gets resolved properly in the end and maybe we won’t be put off subscribing again in the future.


Got today the 6 Lilith trainers
Now fingers crossed that we get also the missing rewards from the other weeks
A good start JB.


I also got my lilliths today. After so much frustration in the last 2 weeks it was a nice surprise! Thank you for helping to sort this out @JB.Scopely .


No lilitths here. Did you get them in mail or just appear in your roster?


They appeared in the offers section


Got mine too, thanks JB.


Nope nothing in offers. or mail. or just appeared in inventory. The problem may be that my subscription expired yesterday (or day before) and was certainly not renewing in light of the problems with offers. I should still get the Lilith and gold mods however as I was a member when these offers went live.


Got my liliths today. Hopefully i get the missing rewards too


Some people getting liliths in offers again, others (myself included) not getting them. Any more light to shed on this please JB?


still no sign from my missing rewards
hope for the best


still no rewards … any news lol


well, I still waiting for mi gold mods and nothing yet


I think ive given enough time for this to be rectified, i will be initiating a refund if this is not sorted by tomorrow.


no rewards over here LMAO


I got the liliths but still haven’t got the rewards from the 2 weeks that this was bugged.


Whats new with this jb? Still waiting for explanation and to receive the missrd offers, and an apology wouldn’t go amiss either.


@JB.Scopely you said we’d receive the missing rewards by early this week but no sign of the mods or the Ulysses. Can we get an update please?


update please … i canceled mine
if i receive my missing rewards i join again
probably a 1% change