My subscription is bugged and support won't help me?



In all fairness I’ve messaged JB on line, he has taken my account code and is working on finding out why this has happened, i have sent him all those SS’s too and he’s been helpful.

It’s just in game support that has been absolutely terrible.


bassicly if you don’t set your subscription to auto-renew itself you don’t get those rewards. Which is bassicly stealing our money because it says we are still subscribed for the next month when we cancel it later on.


Update… scopely need to sort there support out


Support is very likely outsourced. Possibly to another country that his little info on what they are working with, I’ve rarely talked with customer support that was actually here in the US, quite frankly, it’s difficult to get help when the person you seek help from does not understand what you are saying.


Well all my screens have been posted to JB. He’s looking into it. Fingers crossed we get a response soon.


This is almost word for word what I’ve been getting. Repeatedly. I asked if they even bother to read what I’m saying and they just replied with “we’re sorry if this isn’t what you want to hear but…” Then recycled the usual message, it’s like talking to a brick wall.

I have an active membership, I’m receiving all other club benefits, I check the offers tab daily and they have never been there to claim. The fact they try to blame us for their incompetence is really sh*tty.


still waiting for my rewards


Latest reply, guess my 60mbps Internet isn’t fast enough lol. Going to do to Apple for a refund.


You need to claim the rewards.
Just claim them.
But they’re not there.
Well if you didn’t claim them we can’t give them to you.
But they weren’t there to claim.
You need to claim the rewards.

I have never come across such incompetent customer service in my life.


absolute garbage, i agree. Just be satified that however annoyed we get at this, it could not be worse than their level of job satisfaction.


Still waiting on you to come back to us on this JB, or is it another case of brush it under the carpet?



Nothing to see here


I’m aware of our tech team conducting some more analysis and research on this.

I hope to bring more news on this front early next week.


Thank you for coming back to us with some feedback, it’s disappointing to know that issues which cost the consumer money/items, takes literally weeks to rectify but issues which cost scopley profit are hotfixed within hours.
We don’t forget this kind of thing!


While any kind of action on this is appreciated, by “early next week” we’ve missed out on another reward because this week is over.

I’ll try not to be too skeptical about getting the result the players want from this but with the track record scopely has its not easy.


Scopely has solved Andrea’s problem in few hours. However, when we have a problem in our accounts, Scopely doesn’t care. It doesn’t matter. We lose money, we lose time =/


and the rewards? I’ve paid just for the week rewards and i got nothing.
another week without the rewards or solution…


no rewards over here still member till 4 February


I do hear you.

Let me just give some additional context to explain the actual delay and how we’ll try to compensate accordingly.

The core reason of the issue with receiving the weekly rewards, is as noted above, the fact that some SC members do not have the auto renewal of the perks enabled on their profile. This has caused some issues to reconcile the data, as our backend would then believe such players wouldn’t be technically eligible for those perks.

We’ve now adjusted this for the remaining weeks of the SC Incentives ahead!

For earlier weeks, our analytics gurus are currently working on gathering and exporting a list of players that have been left out since, for a proper compensation to be sent early next week.

I thank you once more for your patience while we get this sorted out :nerd_face:

Kicked off survivors club early
Missing weekly survivors club rewards

well if this get sorted out i renew again
lets see and wait till next week
thanks for trying