My subscription is bugged and support won't help me?





Do it! Be patient and respectful. Always ask for a supervisor. I got a full refund, you can too!


Good luck getting any help from jb or support. I didn’t even get an answer at all for help on regards to the Marlon stash and lost out on him due to it. Wasted a solid $175


I keep getting the same response. Basically telling me it’s my fault I don’t have them because I haven’t claimed them. Every time I respond telling them the offer wasn’t there to claim and they reply with the exact same thing it’s like f**king groundhog day.


same shit over here my friend … ******** them !!!


I’ve seen a few of those cases and will investigate further with my counterparts from the support team.

While I shall report back my findings as always, my current understand is that any active Survivors Club member (after the trial period has been completed) is eligible for the weekly rewards.



That would be nice because many players have this problem
i don’t mind to spend some money but i have to receive what i pay for



Full refund? You mean #### ###### ?


Your account should trigger the award because you paid $25 for your membership and everyone that paid $25 for the month of January should get the awards for the weeks in January’s paid month. Support should fix this issue and realize that they will most definitley lose subscribers and the trust of those subscribers if they continue to read testimonies such as this one. I am a subscriber and have had no issues. I do however find it shady that the offer is only available triggering on Friday for me, for 24 hours. Why not be available the whole week until it is claimed to not have these issues? What if one was out of town on business or unable to login or claim that particular day? The $25 has been debited from the subscriber for that month, just ensure we have the full benefits of a Survivor Club member with as little struggle as possible. That would be what good customer service would do.


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Keep on subscribing…eeehhhmmm i mean surviving!


Do you guys need to assemble a board meeting to handle this problem?

What should happen…

JB: “Hey boss, users aren’t getting rewarded correctly”
Boss: “Have support check the transaction history. If they’re subscribers and didn’t collect the reward, give it to them. I’ll get with the dev team to figure out why it isn’t working.”

What’s actually happening…
JB: “Hey boss, users aren’t getting rewarded correctly”
Boss: “JFC, there’s just no pleasing those leeches! First they want to know what the odds of each pull are gonna be and now they want cOmPeNsAtIoN! I’m at a loss of what to do. Did you tell them that failing to collect the offer means the forfeited the reward?”
JB: “Yeah, boss, we did. They said they aren’t seeing the offer show up at all.”
Boss: “Well then that means they aren’t subscribers. So why are we even having this conversation?”
JB: “The thing is, they are subscribers, they just don’t have auto-renewal set up.”
Boss: “Tough titties.”
JB: “…”
Boss: “Aww hell, give em all 4,500 four star tokens and tell em to be thankful that they got anything.”
JB: “But, what about the subscribers that didn’t get the rewards?”
Boss: “Who do you think I was talking about?”
JB: “Oh…”

Somewhere Shane is sitting on a beach drinking expensive tequila and smoking a big fat cigar saying “your problem now, bitches.”


10 hours and nobody’s responded to you?


got the same respond back from support as always
useless ********
i receive the blue radio and i can pull 1 four star a day … so i am a member or not ???


I’m thankful more everyday that I chose not to subscribe. As this is am example of not only dishonest customer service, but being trained to just ignore what is being said and copy and past from an faq. They have a " cut and paste" answer for key words and phrases and are not to go off script. Then told to close the case at a certain point and say they aren’t required to answer why they made their decision. Take a look at tos and any fine print in the weekly rewards advertising, I found no where that it said you must have a membership continue past the week of prizes given. Its ridiculous that they wont manually provide the prizes of past Weeks for verified paying customers.


Support for you…how dumb!


This is ugly. Have you provided proof to them of your membership? It would be nice if they could even acknowledge you are a SC member.


@JB.Scopely how about we get an answer on what exactly the qualifications are for rewards since it seems only one listed on advertising is to be a member? Are they suppose to perform magic tricks whIle being a member for their rewards and pull benidicts from and hat? Threads like this have been made for a few weeks now and no one has given a valid answer besides. …we just don’t have to from support because we don’t want to


support ???
what a joke


Same garbage generic responses I got.

This “Support” must be outsourced and not even linked to the dev team I reckon.

Its a farce that they can get away with this sort of treatment of customers. Go for full refund, I did. Not paying for stuff that I don’t receive.

The most worst thing is that they always fail to acknowledge the problem properly and don’t seem to actually look into the issue at all. There must be 5 or 6 copy/paste responses they use for this.

Sorry to those Scopely employees that give a toss, but so many people feel scorned over this it is not even funny.