My subscription is bugged and support won't help me?



So 2 weeks ago I saw an advertisement on the game, become a subscriber for weekly rewards. Nice, I thought. So I subscribed. First week rewards were Benedict’s, no problem, claimed them. Since then, nothing.

The Ulysses and gold mods were never in my store, I haven’t had any members offers in my store, and the game keeps showing me pop ups saying become a subscriber for weekly rewards. It’s like the game has completely forgotten I’m a subscriber. I still have double resources time, free daily pulls and crafting without items, so it’s half working. I contacted support on the game and they said “you are not eligible for rewards” with no explanation, thus I am forced to post this here. Please can somebody at scopley fix my account? It’s unfair to pay for something and not receive the benefits that were promised. Thank you


We can’t technically help you here, many are having the same issue. But if you stick around in the game, you can get a sweet ass 3* Axel.


Same thing for me, got the bene but none of the rest… And support says they can’t help. Pls fix…


Same problem for me, no member offers and had no weekly rewards. Waiting on a reply from support, everything else normal.


Did you cancel your membership prior to it ending, supposedly that’s why you can’t get them offers myself included


Check in featured section of shop its in a member only bag, not in offer section.


Not there either for some


Same for me. Support are useless and JB is ignoring it.
Shambles of a company.


My advise get your money back. If you paid for this month you should receive what you paid for. Scopleys logic = what you cancelled next month that means your no longer our friend boom we keep your stuff.
I’d find screen shots and double check that It states you must be a member this month and next to receive rewards.
Honestly I’m glad I decided against this sc I’ve seen more problems that are now paid for.


if they are not giving me my rewards because I subcribe 1 month at a time and don’t let it renew on it’s own then they are stealing my money. Are you stealing my money scopely?



Update: I requested a refund on Google play store and it was approved. Already been refunded just took 5 minutes. Usually I would not refund but I feel this was justified, you can’t claim to give people’s rewards, not give them, refuse to compensate them, and expect to get away with it. I’m glad Google sided with me, in future I will avoid the survivors club completely.


I have also not received any rewards since the Benedicts. I messaged support but have not had a response. This really isn’t acceptable when it’s the only reason I signed up in the first place @JB.Scopely


Get a refund. Super serial. Scopes will fuck you over and over again u til ur arse bleeds. Never subscribe…


To offer certain rewards if you’re a member, take payment for the membership then tell you that you’re not “eligible” for those rewards is utter bullsh*t.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely stop ignoring this and do something please!


They won’t / aren’t capable of doing anything. Refund and be done. Your app store will gladly give you back what is yours.


I only joined the club specifically for those rewards. I don’t why I expected any better from scopely but it’s false advertising to offer rewards for being a member and then tell you that there are other requirements to be met.


@OP - they won’t help you. You don’t have any consumer rights. Good luck and keep on surviving!


Same bull, will be getting a refund


Wierd, I got my Benedicts and Ulysses from support after writing them each week, once the offer ended, just as they told me to.


Got the Bennie, but only to one region whilst others who could manually claim got it in all regions. Then got this when asked for Ulysses.


Thank you for contacting us regarding the subscription login rewards.

I’m afraid that there are certain conditions that need to be met in order for you to be eligible for the Weekly login rewards. Sadly, those rewards are not something that we can manually credit on your account. I do apologize.

I am sorry if this is not the answer you are hoping for and I truly hope this information will help you going forward.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best regards,

Al Ronald
Scopely Support Team

So at best inept and at worst liars. I’m going for the refund this time. The company are a joke at times. I’m going to ask for the life time refund and list all the gated, lies and fraudulent advertising this company has and continues to put out. Done spending.