My sails came up help



Hello I wanted to ask for the support of scopely could solve my problem with candles today I went to the menu that shows the total of candles and the value simply disappeared I ask for help not to be without my legendary Garret



Your individual score will sometimes show up, sometimes will not. I haven’t figured out what triggers the non-display. Try just closing the game and restarting.

Your candle count is still intact, this whole leaderboard is a buggy mess.


so even if it does not appear my prizes are still guaranteed?


Ive noticed this happening and my best guess is maybe the scores disappear while they are updating scores on the board periodically


Switch leaderboards then back, fixed


I had the same issue with cakes in the first week , still got my rewards . I assume it’s tracked by Scopely and it’s just the table that’s bugged , I reported it but got the usual non response .


Yes you will get them… it’s a glitch in the leaderboard… sometimes they show sometimes they don’t. Check back after a while should be there


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